Yup, respeccing gear again. This time I'm going for a nice edgy, indie type sound, a la Furureheads, Rakes, Arctic Monkeys, Switches, Franz Ferdinand, etc. I'm already decided on the guitar, I'm just not sure about the amp.

Looking for:
-excellent clean channel
-good Reverb, doesn't have to be amazing though
-good overdrive, nice distortion options
-preferably reasonably portable

So far I've considered a Marshall JCM 2000 (half stack, since I owned the combo and much preferred the head), Fender Hot Rod Deville or Deluxe (with Jekyll/Hide pedal for OD and distortion), or an Orange combo of some sort, AD 30, or maybe even a Rocker 30. I've also toyed with getting a Vox.

What should I get? I really am leaning towards the Orange AD or Rocker, because I absolutely love the cleans on Oranges, and hear from Youtube videos that the distortion is good too. I want to be able to switch from a clean into more of a classic rock tone on the fly. Only problem is, I've never played any one of them 'cept the Tiny Terror, which was amazing, but the scarcity of options drove me away from buying it.

What do you guys reccomend?!
Thanks in advance, and sorry I write so much.
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