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i've rarely seen a mic'd bass.

Idk man, idk if its the acoustics or what, but you need better mic techniques cause it sounds too rough.
Well composed overall guys. The song moves well, I like the softer part and its contrast with the heavier riffage towards the ending. Good tone and a good mix of all the instruments.

First issue I noticed was tightness. Your drummer, although very good technically, needs to really nail the first grooves to introduce the whole song. If it opens with any sort of sloppiness it detracts from the full blown introduction.

The clean vocals were quite nice, a few very minor pitch mistakes but otherwise very good; your vocalist has a good natural talent. The growl is a pretty subjective sort of vocal technique. I'm not one for the hardcore vocal style, but that's just me. It sounded like he knew what he was doing and contrast was used well with the clean vocal.

Good job. I can't tell the difference between your music and the rest of the hardcore scene, so I guess thats a good thing :P:

Crit me back when you get time.
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Quote by FretZippy21
Bass was straight into the input, not mic'd sir.

I thought i heard the snare vibrate at the beginning of "Break" while only the bass is playing (specially when he hits the bass harder).