It might seem stupid, but I have a VERY hard time keeping my pick from slipping. If I want more control, I have to add my middle finger to steady it, but it doesn't allow me to move as fast. With only my thumb and index finger, the pick slips like mad, but I can get more speed.

So I've been looking into alternatives, namely the F-1 guitar pick. It looks like a different design, and I was wondering if anyone here has any experience with it, or could help me out with my situation in recommending another pick.

Note: I'm currently using Dunlop Jazz III
whatever floats your boat...

ever consider maybe youre holding it wrong though? or too loosely? or maybe youre picking technique is flawed?
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It probably is flawed. I play real loose, but I thought that's what you needed to shred?

Perhaps the angle I pick at is also to blame. Do you hit the strings dead square with the pick, or do you tilt it slightly? I have to tilt it slightly because otherwise my arm would be on the damn trem. So I arch my hand upwards a bit.
i used to use fender mediums but i dropped them alot so i switched to dunlop tortex .088's and i havent dropped one since. i think they make tortex jazz lll's, you should give them a try.
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I have the jazz III's. They're alright, but they're made of plastic and they slip like a bitch.
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I have the jazz III's. They're alright, but they're made of plastic and they slip like a bitch.

I don't really have that hard of a time with them, maybe your fingers are too greasy normally? :P

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I use Jazz III's, and they almost never slip on me unless I intentionally let go. Perhaps your holding your pick too loosely?

You should be playing relaxed, not so much loose. If you're constantly dropping the pick then you might have a problem in the way you're holding it.

I also tend to bite on my picks a lot, so maybe the teeth marks give me some extra grip? :P

You could try out the Big Stubby. It's made of plastic like the Jazz III, but it has a groove on both sides so you can grip it better. I used it for a while.
If you can't hold on to the small ones, may I suggest Jazz III XL?

I had the exact same problem as you, went to these picks, practiced with them for some time and now they fit like a glove - a glove that fits of course.
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+1 to the Jim Dunlop Stubby suggestions.

But, take it from experience: if you get the 1.0mm (the red, thin ones) they break pretty easy. I broke the two I had... the purple 2.0mm is way tougher.