I'm in the process of doing a total revamping of my gear. I'm getting new pedals and a new amp. For now i'm just focusing on the amp. At the moment i'm using a marshall mg100hdfx, a lot of people don't really like this amp, it suited me okay for a while but now i'm ready to make a big change, in the right direction!

I'm in a band and we play shows fairly regularly, our drummer's pretty loud and the rest of the band plays prety loud too. As far as the music i play in my band it's pretty much just rock, i know this is a pretty wide spectrum and the closest sub-genre would be indie rock, usually pretty laid back quiet stuff and sometimes semi loud. I usually like to play "chill" or quiet indie music on my own with a bit harder but nowhere near metal stuff, nothing very heavy, but I do want something that i can have some good overdrive on, and that's where my first question comes in

should i get a good clean amp and use a good overdrive pedal or should i get an amp with a good overdrive built in?

my next question is just basically a list of some good amps
models and makers
and also how many watts i should get that will be loud enough but nothing super loud.

i'm trying to make a good list so i can find some dealers that sell those amps and know which ones i should focus on trying.

i'm looking for something with a great tone a great sound for my style of music

my price range is below 2000 preferably below or around 1700, cheaper is fine though!

i'm thinking combo amp, but i'm up for suggestions
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voxac 30 with celestion blues in it. perfect for your price range perfect for what you want. or a fender twin reverb.
i heard the new vox's aren't any good since they were shipped over seas?...and that's one of my questions should i get an amp with an overdrive (like the vox) or a good clean amp (like the fender)?
What iheartprog said. My band's bassist has one since she also plays guitar, and I really love the sound!! +1
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i have a newer ac30 and its amazing. im not much on the overdrive since ive always done all of my effects with pedals. but i can get the same kind of overdrive power out of both the vox and my friends twin reverb with my ts 808
An AC30-type amp sounds perfect for you.
If you ask me, i'd look into Budda Superdrives. Like an AC30/Plexi hybrid if you ask me.
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I'll throw this out here while i'm at it, an El Diablo amp?

I have the El Diablo 100 head, and I can get a really beautiful clean tone, and a very Eddie van halen type sound. Not as 'high-gain' as advertised, but VERY nice
'11 Gibson Buckethead LP
'97 Fender Cali Series Strat
?? Samick Bass
'01 Fernandes Dragonfly Elite
so i'm hearing vox ac30 or fender twin reverb mostly

or the budda superdrive?