I have a question regarding the dexterity of the fretting hand on a guitar. I know to relax and do those warm-ups and all that good jazz but my ring finger and middle finger seem to go done on the neck together to quickly. It seems just moving one finger a little causes the other to react.

Much Help Appreciated,

Yeah I realize this but it seems like in order for me to do solos or even try to I need to find out how to get them to move independently. My friend put me to some exercises that I've been doing and stuff for awhile now and no improvement. Its kinda frustrating.
I believe the exercises you have been doing is something like the steve vai 10-hour workout or 1234-1234 kind of thing, right? do that with a metronome starts from a fairy slow tempo, make sure every note is hit EVENLY and IN TIME. you might need to press harder too. Repeat the same exercise at the same tempo for a while and be patient NOT to speed it up so fast. You should find your fingers moving more independently and even gaining speed and dexterity after sometime. it is all about building up muscle memories and this works perfectly fine for me. hope this helps