Sup, this is my thread where I will put all of my recordings and such. First, I would like to list what I will or might use in all of my recordings.

Amp= Line 6 Spider III 75 watt amp

Guitar= BC Rich Trace Warbeast

Computer= Inspiron 1525 (I don't know the soundcard or specs or anything)

Drums.... I will try to see if I can record my drums without any mics. I have no idea what kind of drums nie are because they are so cheap.

Recording Software= Audacity 1.2 and 1.3 (BETA). I plug in my amp into my computer using all these complicated wires that I might say how later (as if you don't already know all the things and stuff.)

Ok, now that that's outta the way, let's get down to the recordings. This one was recorded earlier today (September 11, 2008) and I didn't put all that much time into it, hence the crappiness of it. This was my second recording using any recording program ever so I would say it's pretty good. Without forther to do, here it is via youtube video:


Comment, rate, tell me what you think here, I don't care! As long as I get some feedback! And please, disregard the name, I am not bragging, I just used that for the name cuz I couldn't think of anything at the time.

A new recording! This one has a drum beat that I had to copy and paste the same thing cuz I didnt have time to do it for like 3 minutes straight. My mom yelled at me ):
Any way, here it is, it isn't done yet, but this is how it is so far.



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