This song is currently unamed, feel free to add suggestions.
Not much of a songwriter, so not sure if it's any good;

London's spark lights up no more,
Facing the southern fields,
Manage the fact of the man in the air..
...is the veil.

The truth may hurt,
But it tells no lies,
Within the conquering shire.
Someday i wish upon a star,
One minute by the hour.

Gold doesn't glitter,
When its shrouded in the smog,
Take the facts,
To it's final destination.

See the glimmer of the faces,
People see them crying,
Try to be one of the other sheep..
.. but fail again.

The era of love,
Is truly dead,
But where's the main support.
Call the doctor to the ward,
Final call.

Gold doesn't glitter,
When it's shrouded in the smog,
Take the facts,
Back home.


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