hey dudes!

so...like...i used to be in a band where i played guitar (lead) and did backing vocals (kinda like millencolin backings) but now i'm starting a new band and i really want to sing...and here's the point...

like...i can sing ok most of the time...but i want to learn how to do a rasp voice and screaming kinda like Tim McIlrath's (Rise Against)...yeah...he's a good reference on what im looking for

...so...anyone have any ideas on where should i start?...what exercises should i look for?...any information on this would really help! (unless you're telling me to smoke and scream my lungs out)

thanks in advance


ps- my vocal range (not really sure what i'm saying here) is kinda like Billie Joe's (Green Day)...i mean...when i sing green day songs my voice comes out very comfortably...i know it sucks...haha...but anyways

please help!
I would suggest buying "the zen of screaming" dvd my melissa cross. she also helps you with your regular vocals on the dvd too. helped me ALOT
I can scream pretty well, if I do say so myself, and all I did was sing along with the music I liked and kept trying to scream like the person.
Tim's vocals aren't a scream so much as a shout. Just try singing really loud with music blasting, and then remember how it feels and do it again with the music turned down.

I mean, I can't really do that style so I can't help you. It's just how I learned how to growl for the first time.

try to remember when youre shouting like this that you can hit the rasp without feeling your throat clench
just gonna say that that is the stupidest advice people commonly give, you cant even speak without using your diaphragm
It's probably the most important advice ever. If you scream or sing with your throat, it will ruin your voice. I mean yea, your diaphragm is involved either way, but they're two very distinct techniques.
well, going from the throat (in most cases) is just the lack of technique, unless youre doing like, black metal rasps

it just bothers me that people refer to as pushing down on the gut for tension while relaxing their throat as 'using' the diaphragm, because it's not that hard to explain, while 'use your diaphragm' doesn't really explain that whole concept, you know?
thanks for the replies!!!

another question...what techniques do you think the Rise Against dude uses when he sings on Ready To Fall??

"Wings won't take me
Heights don't phase me
So take a step
But don't look down
Take a step"

specially the last TAKE A STEEEEEEEEEP

is it vocal fry??? and how the hell he sustains for that long??? Tim vocals rules!