This may get closed because it belongs in some kind of technique forum or thread, but considering it relates specifically to hardcore I figured I'd get a better answer on here. I don't play much hardcore at all (when I do its mostly misery signals typed stuff), but I occasional have a jam with some friends that play hardcore, and I was wondering in breakdowns etc. Which strings you picked, whether you just pick the E string, or you pick both the E and the A string (obviously C or just C and G if you're tuned to drop C, B and F# if you're to Drop B etc.) Yeah I was just wondering, because I like to pick both the E and A most of the time, but some of the guys I jam with just play the E-string. If this doesn't make sense, let me know, i'll give some tab examples.
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It depends on the breakdown. The more brutal breakdowns come with the doubling of the strings, the less brutal ones come with only one string.