I was a little weary of it because I don't know anyone who plays one, and the mini humbuckers apparently weak sound when compared to a regular sized on. Man, I was completely wrong about this one, it sounded amazing and I couldn't get over the neck. Going up and down the fret board made me feel like my fingers were floating. The more I looked at the body the more I grew to like it (I'm still not that big of a fan of it though). It has that Lyre style trem system which looks amazing, but it lacks any real purpose (for other then putting a subtle warble in the sound). All I know is that I want, probably going to set up a payment plan with them tomorrow.

Anyone able to tell me any stories of their own with this guitar? Good or bad.
Also, how hard is it to find mini humbuckers with high output?
you could probly get a super distiortion in the mini humbucker form.
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