I'm on the lookout for some decent power tubes for a peavey triumph 60w. These are 6L6s. The preamp is loaded with 12at7s. I'm looking for a good classic rock type tone for playing motown/the beatles/monkees type stuff.

I'm thinking of groove tubes just because they ring a bell for this kind of music.

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GT is okay. Not the best, but made an improvement in my preamp 12AX7 original Fender from like 1992.
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have a look in the tubes sticky in this forum. i got good advice there when i was changing my tubes.
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Groove Tubes are just rebranded Sovteks. Not good.

I would recommend Svetlana 6L6GC's.
I have a pair of Winged 'C' 6L6GC's I didn't really use, and still sound great...Wanna buy 'em?
Both are really great 6L6 types, and sound similar. Do some research, and you'll see they are a popular type of 6L6 tube.

For preamp tubes, Tung-Sol would be a safe bet, if they make 12AT7's.
I would order some SED winged C's or buy from "forsaknazrael" ^. As for 12at7's... is this for reverb or something? If it's a position for tone I would go with 5751's instead... you can get NOS GE 5751's for about a good price if you look. Check out doug's tubes or another reputable tube vendor.