i realise theres probably a massive thread on this already, but I really didn't want my case to get lost and ignored among the million other posts....

i basically want to collaborate musically with people on the internet, as i've recently (wisely, i think) ditched the guys in my band, and there are no other good musicians around...

I have:

a Samsung phone with mic (for recording)
a Squier strat-esque guitar
a Fender Frontman amp, 15 watts

all beggars equipment i know, but i really can't afford anything else right now, and I want to get my music out there. I recently recorded four songs (two of which were covers) by setting the amp on 1-3 and putting the phone right in front of the amp

however, this produced "meh" results at best

if you like, you can hear it here: www.myspace.com/stiletostabwound

I guess what i'm saying is if anyone who knows about this stuff could give some advice on getting the best sound possible, or how to get an at least workable one, that'd be great.

also looking for people interested in collaborating via sending Guitar pro/mp3 files...

this is an ongoing thread... please help!?
There's not really anything you can do with that setup, you will need at least a decent recording setup
The cheapest solution I can think of is an IK Multimedia Stealthplug, not the greatest of tools but gets the job done to a decent standard
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ok, thanks..

could you perhaps describe it in more detail..?

and if i put a sock/cloth over my phone while recording, would that eliminate background noise?
Quote by Etudes_meister
ok, thanks..

could you perhaps describe it in more detail..?

and if i put a sock/cloth over my phone while recording, would that eliminate background noise?

No, it will probably only muffle it further

The Stealthplug is a USB interface which allows you to plug your guitar into a computer and record through software included with it, for much better results.
Generally there are a few main ways to do this, either using a decent microphone in front of your amp's speakers, running form the line out on your amp, running through a pedal or running straight into the PC and using any amp/fx modelling software included
For an example of running through a multi-fx pedal straight into the computer with a stealthplug, check out the Elder Misanthropy cover on my profile
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sounds good... i'd need a converter cable to run a guitar lead straight into the computer, no?

if you could maybe link me to a site where i could get the USB interface,
and one where i could get a amp/fx modeller, that'd be swell...please?

and is it a 1/4 to 1/8 conversion, from a 1/4 guitar lead to a 1/8 comp input?
It should be, I got mine form a local music store
Ring your local stores up and ask if they stock it or can order one in for you
If you do get one, I'd recommend you use the Amplitube modelling software as a plugin instead of using that crappy amp, you'll get a better tone out of the software
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yeah, i was definitely thinking that...
ty so much

just to ask, what does it cost, just so i know what i'm in for?
I paid about £55 for mine ($110)
The RRP on the official website is $129 but you can easily find it cheaper
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ok yeah the stealthplug sounds mad

until i get that 110 (or whatever) from work starting soon i'll just keep experimenting with my shitty phone mic :P

thanks all
Glad I've been of some help, and good luck with your collaborations
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well mobile phone photography is turning into an artform ... maybe there's a future in phone mic'd music...
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As somebody who had the exact same gear as you, and also tried to do some lo-fi recording for a couple of years, I feel rather qualified to chip in here!

First off, the amp sucks. Unless you're going to need it for live playing, I'd recommend doing what I did and selling it. My recording setup was as simple as they come: I hooked the guitar straight into the line-in port of my motherboard's onboard sound using a simple 6.3mm to 3.5mm converter, like in this image here. This is far from ideal, but obviously it's the cheapest option available.

For software, I used Reaper, in combination with these amp and effects simulation plugins. Obviously it's not going to be as good as a proper recording setup, but on a budget of nothing it's kinda hard to beat, and also means that by the time you do get to buying some real gear, you'll have more money to spend by virtue of not having bought stop-gap budget equipment in the meantime.

Still, I don't think the results are too bad, here's something I was working on a little while back, both of the guitars were recorded with that setup. It may not be professional quality, but I've heard worse. The same is true of the original tracks in my profile. Give it a try before forking out cash on anything, it can't hurt after all.
thanks...sounded ok i guess...

just to anyone out there, what is the effectiveness of a StealthPlug compared to a straight line in (3.5 - 6.5) ?
I own a stealthplug, the thing gives me constant background noise wich blows up if any gain comes in contact with it. The converter is what i use over the stealthplug, a lot cheaper, a lot better. Too bad my laptop has a shitty audio card so i have to record on mobile devices capable of recording through their headphones slot.