Im looking for something along the lines of a limiter, basically im doing tracks with midi files where there are a lot of dynamics. Is there something that will give you an overall volume limit, or is it best to do my final mix then just add limiting onto the final mix?
but for the bits that dont have compression they will sound flat, i dont want the bits more punchy just the overall volume levels evened out. what i thought was if i duplicated tracks for the quiet bits then used a limiter on the final mix that might work,
There are several different mastering software you can try. Izotope Ozone, WaveLab, T-Racks. They all have demo versions you can download to see which one fits for you. I use T-Racks 24, which has EQ, compressor, limiter, and soft-clipping output stage. It's simple and has an analog GUI that works well for me.