Cool song! I understand why you call your blog "Jay Robinson's Oddities" and your song "The Mad Hatter".. It has a kind of pleasant idiocy about it, kinda like Madness or something.. I really liked the feel of the song, it was really enjoyable and pleasant to listen to!
You said you really liked your song, well I do too! Congratulations, I have no bad remarks for you!

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Lol you already critted me, no problem xD
You can crit my 2 covers, the links are in my sig..

Loving the intro, absolutely beautiful. I love the kinda lo-fi drums.
Bassline's great, makes me think of a Guy Ritchie film(it's a good thing). I especially love the bit in the middle with just bass and drums. Guitar is awesome (american awesome), fit's perfectly.
I don't know what else to say, in my mind its absolutely perfect.
Layed back, relaxed, but with that certain perfect spark of energy, i love it!

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Hey dude, thanks for the crit. Listening as i go. Very cool flanger, i love the spacey guitar on the kick in. Solid bass line. I really love how clear everything sounds. Great tone on the lead guitar, overall really enjoyable. Nicely done
If there is one thing that I would be proud of it would be inspiring someone no matter how profoundly. Thats cool.
jay your stuff always sounds great!!!Always interesting intriuging outside the box material.I'm trying to take a sim ilar route myself,but your instrumentation and the way you meld these ideas seems so flawless.Anyway,i have 2 new samples....reddog stomp and doctor dimentia....

Nice! its good background music (in a good way) i espesially liked the Phaser or Flanger or whatever effect you have on the drums in the beginning and all the intruments fit together nicely
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I really liked how the guitar sounded quite a bit like an organ. I was debating whether it was guitar or organ, and finally ended up saying it's guitar haha. I also loved the beat in the background.
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Actually it's a 1980's Casio Keyboard played through a Fender 65 Watt guitar amp. Thanks for checking it out!
Wonderfull. It's exactly the kind of music I wanted to hear. Psychadelic 60's space rock. Damn, I love lo fi sounds! Not a single second of the song was anything less than perfect. Great sounds. Not overdone, but certainly not done anything less than you should have with all those effects. Outstanding work. Also you other stuff is just as good. Congratulations you're now my new favorite from UG.

Crit Mine?
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I really appreciate that! For some reason I can't get your tune to play for me? I will try back again later today and crit you back then. Thanks again.