you could probably imagine my reaction to this news...

now, i know fred durst has been a fan of maynard for a lot longer longer than i have, and a lot longer than some of the "tr00 tool fans" but that made me feel more confused that his cover lacks alot of the emotion of the original...i would've thought as a fan he'd be more....careful? about it....

discuss, discuss
Tool thread?
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"Limp Bizkit sucks dick" - Zakk Wyde

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mickeyJ, you mean they covered it in 1999?....

i've only just got into Limp Bizkit recently...

haven't thought much of any songs, except maybe Rollin', but then again that's because my friend always listens to it....

giving them a chance despite reputation, but because of reputation have taken until now to do so....
One of the worst musical moments of my life was hearing their cover of Bittersweet Symphony. Somehow they took one of the most beautiful songs of all time and butchered it.
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unfortunatly Limp Bizkit have always been a pretty good band, but with an awful frontman

who cannot choose suitable songs to cover, ever.
I actually thought their cover of Behind blue eyes was pretty good.
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