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24 65%
13 35%
Voters: 37.
Wow... great album... In the mail just recently, i got the Guitar World on Hendrix's Electric Ladyland and i read the whole article in school. Great article describing the album so well and in depth so decided i had to get it... Since there aren't any decent music stores on island i just downloaded it and its one of the best albums i've ever heard. Not just the skill he has on the guitar, but the whole setup, its like your not just listening, your experiencing it... But i guess thats what he wanted. By the way, I'm not a stoner, so no stupid comments. I don't think many of the songs should be listened to without hearing the whole album... It's like Dark Side of the Moon where the whole album just flows and it just puts you into this haze. As soon as I got it, I just sat in my room laying on my bed looking at the ceiling...

Anyone heard it?
If you haven't, i really suggest reading the article and listening to the album...
So... Discussion?...YES!
Proud owner. Rainy Day, Dream Away is my favourite.

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^+1. Epic song.

It's an awesome album, might give it a listen today now you've reminded me of it.
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I love the album.

BTW, I've actually been to electric ladyland studios in NY (greenwhich village).

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I have it on vinyl. I have the European release, the one with all of the naked chicks on the cover.
I like Voodoo Chile (the first one), Burning to the Midnight Oil, 1983, and ****, I dunno there aren't really any songs on that album that I dont like.