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I don't know much (if not anything at all) about the ibz7/8 pickups... are they any good? Using generic humbuckers as a standard, are they worth it at all?
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They're nothing special but they certainly get the job done nicely enough. Definitely come in at the top end of Ibanez stock pickups at least.
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I just bought a MTMT2 that has these pickups.
There OK, definitely not EMG's. I prefer the gain of ACTIVE Pickups....
Im playing through an ENGL Screamer 50, and these pickups have a little too much treble for my taste. Not as natural and clean sounding as EMG's or Duncans...
I'm switching them out for a set of Seymour Duncan Blackouts.

Let me know if you're interested in the V7/8's I'm gonna sell them on ebay....

i'd say they're mediocre. not flat-out terrible, but most people seem to upgrade them eventually (if not sooner). they normally come on ibanez's nicer guitars (at least, they used to), so most people figure an MIJ guitar is worth a pickup upgrade...
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They're OK.
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