Looking for some advice on tabs for "The Rain Song".
I have one of those Led Zeppelin tab books that covers all thier albums and I used it and the Houses of the Holy cd to learn the rain song when I was just starting to play guitar. It has the rain song tabbed out using standard tuning. I always thought it sounds fine that way but, I now know the two different tunings JP used for this song in the studio and live, and all the tab I've been able to find online uses these tunings. I havnt found any tab online that uses the standard tuning like the tab book I have.
My question is, is it worth it to relearn the song in the other tuning? Would it sound a lot different or better? Looking at it, the fingerings for the notes/chords look a lot easier than the way I learned it.
Thanks in advance!
I would learn it both ways and play it the way you feel most comfortable with. I personally have heard both versions and played both versions and prefer the studio version over the live version.
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Well I like to use one of the tabs on UG myself, it uses the alternate tuning but since I don't know it in standard tuning, I can't say if it sounds better. Try this: The Rain Song Tab