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I might be doing this song for our school's talent night in december. We might also be doing Cowboys From Hell, so I guess thats where I got the Pantera influence from (by listening to too much Pantera). I'm also hoping to actually start a band with the other two, and I'm aiming for an instrumental post-rock/metal (Isis, Pelican, Russian Circles, Jesu, Scale The Summit, etc.) band, though my influences dont show so well in this song.
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Very cool, man!!!
Keep making stuff like that!!!
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Cool stuff, I liked pretty much all your riffs.

A couple things though.

I thought you kind of overused the triplets in that part from bars 17-32. With it happening every bar it kind of disrupts the flow and feels awkward. Maybe try it every 2 bars or even 4 bars.

When the bass is playing the lead, you might think about trying it an octave higher to make it really stand out more.

The song really could use a nice guitar solo somewhere in there.

Also, you never really return to any of your old riffs, so the song doesn't really feel like it's got a core or a central idea to it. It might be an idea to bring back old ideas and play them in new ways.

Anyway good job overall and that 6/4 riff really kicked ass too.