Hi all.

I've not been playing long, I just played some songs and learned some basic open chords, but now I've decided to take it more serious and get a good chord vocabulary. I learned all major and minor chords and then tried to learn 7ths and m7ths, This is where I failed!
Why does it seem like so many websites show you how to play the chord differently to the others. I thought 7ths were too complex so I'm now trying sus 2 but have hit a wall straight away, A through E are fine but I've had three different versions of F and three different versions of G from three websites!
I would like to spend my time learning the chords rather than trying to find which chord comes up most often over a series of websites!
If anyone has any thoughts it would be much appreciated.

Happy Friday!
You can play chord from anywhere asslong it has the notes of the chord.

Like you could play an E minor7 which has notes E G B D and is constructed from E major scale by using formula 1 3b 5 7b


Both of those are Eminor7's but the first one is an open chord, next one a barrel chord.
When it comes to learning chords, you want to distinguish between open chords and barre or moveable chords. Open chords are any chord that uses an open string. These chord shapes cannot be moved without changing the type of chord you are playing. Barre chords (which are a form of "moveable" chords) typically have one version with the root on the sixth string and another version with the root on the fifth string, so it's good to learn both. Moveable chords are simply any chord shape that doesn't use an open string, so you can "move" it to any spot on the neck and still be playing the same type of chord (major 7th, min7b5, etc), just with a different root.

I would get a firm grasp on your barre chords, first with roots on the sixth string, and then move onto barre chords with roots on the fifth string. At the same time, I would keep up working on your open chords and maybe learn a new one here and there. Basically what it comes down to is that if you can have each chord type listed below memorized as an open chord, as a barre chord with root on the sixth string, and as a barre chord with root on the fifth string, chances are you'll have all the chord knowledge you'll need for quite some time, and you'll have a good enough understanding of chords at that point to move onto other chord types and other moveable chord shapes.

Major 7
Minor 7
Dominant 7
Minor 7 b5