Hey guys&gals, happy to have you here. My name is Olle "AJ" and as my final project at school I'm going to develop and sell single coil guitar pickups. Before I will be able to either access any funds (except digging out of my own pockets, which I've already been doing a little) or start my experimenting in a legimit way I have to do a market research.

I've put together a form which wouldn't suffer from being filled in, thanks for your time. I hope you will take your time to surf a little on my site.


The site isn't completely finished and people with very high or very low resolution might experience some aesthetical issues.

Thanks for your time // "AJ"
very cool idea.
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Sounds interesting. Handwound pickups have that whole special sound to them :p.

Would love to hear some examples.
The site might need to have a more "pro-touch" to it - the first thing I thought when clicking it was that it looked really "homemade".

Try and get inspiration from for example Dimarzio.com or something, that wouldn't hurt.
I wish you luck
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went to your site. i clicked on news and nothing happened....


j/k, just thought it was be a good time to use those eye thingies...
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A lot of things you need to look into when custom winding pickups is first of materials. Different bobbins, covers, definitely magnets, and wiring capabilities.

Also marketing is kind of a big deal, in your descriptions and such there is a lot of things that sound kind of vague and a little unsure. Under the custom wound section, it seems really what you think you need to know, it doesn't seem like much of a professional attempt. It just needs a bit more revising and a lot less 'me' and 'I' in it. If anything look into listing all the choices a customer can change like magnets, resistance, and all that goes into a pickup.

I have bought custom wound pickups, and they are what they are. You just have to make your pickups great at what they are. Quality must be beyond production specs, and they need to be damned good sounding. I mean, if someone can get a quality pickup for the same price, with better quality and sound, why buy from you? Always think of the customer perspective.

On your website, you kind of need to give buyers incentive to buy your product, but not very straight up. Sound clips are awesome, from different amps and guitars, hopefully to target a group of customers that own the same setup. Listing specs and such are good too. I would suggest having a kind of production model, that you can get your name out with, while still offering custom wound. That gets your name out and people will come to your site and possibly look into custom wound pickups depending on your other pickups qualities.

Oh, I may look into it depending on sound clips and such. I have bought from another guy on here that hand winds pickups, and I figure I can help you guys out if the price and sound is right!
Trapman: Thank you
Phantom: Sure, but what do you think people would want to pay for? a little for my Websites functionality and the majority for the sound of the pickups? OR should I have a ridicolous price, but a really cool website?

ohspyro: Yes, you're right about most of what you say and I'm very thankful for a constructive post. But my main concern right now is to get people to fill out my market research, so I will be able to order materials and actually design 3 pickups for the "strat combo". Right now I need peoples opinions and to know if there is an interest in a market like this. Otherwise I am not ALLOWED by the rules of the course I'm having, to start my research.

As soon as I get a couple of answers, and a couple of replies to the form which I will send out to music stores here in Sweden I will order a lot of different materials and get first hand knowledge of how everything alters the sound of the pickup. Sure, it's good to read up on everything, and I have (unfortunately my site doesn't really show that atm, I'll get right to it). I still want to try and fail, try and fail, try and fail, analyze, try and fail, analyze, try and succeed.

Then I know a guy who's probably the best guitar player I've ever seen who will try my pickups and if he likes them, create a video about them. I'll make sure to upload soundclips and videoclips of the "strat combo" as soon as I have come up with 3 great models that suites the combination.

But, everything comes back to that market research atm.
I need some new Strat pups and I would like to hear what your sound like your description sounds great.
great! But please fill out the form that's under the news section - marketing research.

This to provide me with proof that there is a market for this, which I need to be able to start my research and experimenting. If people just read about it and think, cool I might buy that I'm happy. But if people would fill out the form I would be IN LOVE! It seems like noone is doing that atm. Please do, you don't have to write much. I mean, here's your chance to help me decide how the production model will be, the price of it. You have your chance to be contacted by me when I have something in my hands. But right now, as happy as I am with your post that you're interested, I still am miles away from starting my research.
I'd like to add that any comment or constructive critisism is very welcome. Thanks for your time // AJ