right, Hi UG

I'd like some advice as to what I could do here

I'm a Rhythm Guitarist/Backing Vocalist in my 5 Piece band Crashpoint, but the thing is all the other members live 30-40 miles away... I'll give you the full story and the question I'd like answering

Basically, A guy got in touch with me about needing someone like me in his band, over party sounds (an advertising classified site) so I joined, this was January, were still are a band with no specific genre, our music ranges from Classic rock to Funk and much much more, May, our singer joined, She too lived about 40 miles away from myself, when the whole bands together (which hasn't happened for 8 weeks now) we all really enjoy the two hours we have at the rehearsal rooms (which too is 11 miles away from me) a week.

Our only gig was 30 miles away from my house, (considering i don't drive due to an illness i have, my Dad takes me) in the Lead Guitarist/Bassists Hometown at a really low key summer fete that was very wet and muddy, we held down a great set to 30 people, Shortly after on July 11th we recorded an EP, thats has proven fairly popular, but it's obviously not as good as we thought it was.

So anyway, I got a phone call today from the lead guitarist, He says he knows a place we could gig, its close to him, but 50 miles away from me, and we would only be requested to play two or three songs maximum, now 50 miles is along way to haul a Vox AC30, Two guitars and effects etc etc to a supposed "Massive" venue, only to play ten minutes and then spend about an hour and half travelling back...

this is only one of the Issues

All of our influences are so far apart, I'm more Classic Rock/Heavy Blues/Funk Orientated, The Lead & Bassist are into Metal, Death metal, Grunge etc etc, Our drummer is into Alternarock, Post Punk etc etc and our Vocalist (Female) is into, Ska, Northern Soul, Indie, Pop, Protest Songs etc.

Which is really starting to effect what we can and can't do
most times our songs sound a mess because all of our preferred genres Don't really match.

Now with people constantly missing practices, about 2 years between each band member (age wise) and a huge distance between us all, a massive difference in Musical tastes and the fact that were still pretty much strangers to each other, Is it really worth carrying on, if all the songs I'm writing for the band are being tweaked beyond recognition and were not getting ANY interest whatsoever from Venues, Promo people and managers?

I'd like to know what people think...


if you want to listen


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In short... like it or lump it.

You made the decision to join knowing all this, as did everyone else.
I can understand your concern though as it must be really hard work, but believe me, you're in the best position of the entire band as the rehearsals are nearest to you.
8 weeks without rehearsing is a little disconcerting though, maybe you should mention this and try to get everyone a little more organised and dedicated.

As far as transporting your gear 50 miles for a three song gig is concerned, remember, the rest of your band travel almost that far for rehearsals near to where you live, the least you could do is show willing to do the same, especialy for a gig even if it is only two or three songs. But as long as your dad is willing to transport you, what's the problem? It's still gonna be the same distance to drive regardless of how much gear you're taking with you.

Look at your advantages. With so many band members so spread about, getting gigs in those different towns will be easier.

The only real way you could possibly improve matters is for everyone in the band to move to the same town and rehearse there, but that's probably not going to happen unless everyone is really dedicated to the band.
I would personaly tend to think that if you are getting enjoyment out of it, then the travelling will be worth it, but if the travelling is such a problem that it's completely spoiling being in a band for you and taking all the fun out of it, maybe you should think about leaving them and putting something together with other musicians in your home town.

Rule number 1, if it ain't fun, it ain't worth doing.
Rule number 2, if it is fun, be prepaired to sacrifice a little to ensure that fun continues to happen. No one in a band get's it all their own way.

It's also worth remembering that travelling is a major part of the music biz.

I know this might not be what you want to hear, but I hope it helps you to see things a little more in perspective.
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Yeah, you're Right pal, I mean at the end of the day, it is fun, but with all the traveling I'm doing just lately, on top of a full time job and more, It's taking the fun out of the whole thing, Thanks for your View Slacker, it really put everything into perspective, OK we've achieved something most bands 9 months old haven't, but I'm not enjoying being lectured my older, supposedly experienced guitarist every week, it's really limiting what I can and Can't play, like you say, I Can't have it all, but if there's no way for me to show any form of musical expression, or in fact play music I like, then I honestly think I'll gather together some people I actually know, leave this and start on a new project.

Thanks again, You've been a big help mate!
I Owe You a Great Big Hug!

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Good advice, as always.

All I'll add is that 40 miles or whatever really isn't that far - particularly if it is highway driving. I joined a couple of bands for a decent while that were about 40 miles away. It took me about 45 minutes to get there, because it was all highway driving. People said, "but that's so far..." I live in a large-ish city of about 500 000 people. If I joined a band on the other side of town, it would take me about a half hour to get there. So... an extra 15 minutes. Big deal.

It's all a matter of perspective, I guess.

Of course, all things being relative... We don't often flinch at doing a road trip for a weekend to a city 5, or even 8 hours away. In Canada, everything is really spread out. It seems like nothing. However, in Europe, you can do a three country tour in 8 hours, which *seems* like it would be insanely far.

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