It's gonna be the (self titled) next song for my Folk Metal band, Kalevala.
There will be a reading of some sort over the part that says "talking"...

There is two versions, so could you let me know which you think is best.

I'm not sure if the Violin & Acoustic guitars are a bit too much, so all opinions would be helpful.

Dude, badass so far. The version with the violins and accordions is better by far than the other one without them.

I can't wait to hear a finished version!
Very cool.

I liked the Kalevala(1) version better. I thought the riff was very powerful, especially when you started building onto it. It presented the feel and idea of the song really really well.

The other version, while it was really cool, presented an entirely different idea in the intro, and I just didn't feel like it has as much connection to the song, and thus not nearly as powerful.
I agree that the Kalevala(1) was better.

Dude that was amazing, I want to see this as a full song now!
We can only guffaw at all the humbug we are told about martyrs.
Yeah, it's gonna have speaking over it anyway, so I wasnt sure whether the violin/acoustic was entirely necessary.

We just need to make the 'speech' now No idea how we're going to

So it might be a while yet before it's done, but i'll make a new thread or something to let you know
Yeah, I'm gonna start work on this again, and am still undecided on which to use

moar feedbak pl0x
i'm gonna agree with the rest and say (1) was better
i love the drums in the intro, they give it a very dark, yet still very powerful sound
the rest was good too, and the chorus was pretty catchy
the only thing i'd suggest is maybe to add some harmonies the second time around in "intro con't" and "chorus", or maybe add some more traditional folk elements there

would you mind checking out my folk metal song? i'll be sure to check your finished version once its up, pm me if you want