I am a left handed person and I have been playing guitar right handed for about year. I was wondering it would help me to string a guitar left handed, and play it.
I doubt it man, I'm a little ambidextrous I suppose because I do certain things left handed (like writing and batting in baseball) but I play lacrosse right handed, and guitar right handed.
If you're comfortable the way you're playing now, there's no need to learn left handed unless you want to be the next Michael Angelo lol
If you're just curious about whether maybe it'll feel more natural playing left handed, why don't you just go try out a left handed guitar at a music shop? Instead of wasting time restringing yours then if you don't like it, restring it again.
if your left hand is very dominant, i would check out whether it is easier to play left handed. you wont be that great, since your hands will be doing completely different things, but maybe you could distinguish how comfortable one way is opposed to the other.
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Well, you've most likely got used to playing it the 'wrong way' for you. So it would just be like trying to play guitar and things, most likely. If you're curious, I recommend going to a shop, so you don't waste money on strings and things.
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you can't just restring a right handed guitar left handed, the nut and in some cases the saddle will have to be reversed or replaced. It's common sense, the string gauges are backwards to the nut and i don't think the big fat E string fits in the same size groove as the itty bitty skinny e string.

And no I wasn't saying big fat and itty bitty cause I can't say hi and low, I was trying to prove a point.
I'd say to try a left-handed guitar in a music shop, it may be too late to make the transition if your used to playing right-handed. I'm left-handed and I can honestly say that I would love to be able to play right-handed, the choice of guitars is alot better for right-handed people. You just need to find for yourself whats best for you. Good Luck
hey, im left handed when i started (1st week) , but now i play right with no problems.