I play guitar for some 3 months now. When it comes to hold the pickup theres no "rule" about it right? The user can use it in the way he wants.

For example, sometimes i find myself picking it with thumb and the middle finger. Other times i pick it with the thumb+index+middle finger.
Well yes, i can pick it "normally". thumb and index, but its not a problem in the way the user picks it right? Has long you can play.

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holding the pickup? it is called a pick. but ok. I believe most ppl play with their thumb and index finger but its up to you what you like the most. I dont know how holding the pick with 3 fingers can affect your playing style/technique? but im sure someone will post something about that. Im prefer playing with thumb + index finger
the holding of the pic makes no difrence, some people even use 2 pics at a time (Steven king i think did that , a bluesy dude from the past)
First off you're talking about a pick mate .. the pickup is the kindof bar looking part on the body of the guitar. But dont worry I made this same mistake when I first started playing.

And yeah it dosent really matter aslong you're not creating tension, and you're really comfortable.
For me, holding the pick with 3 fingers will keep it parallell to the strings, great for country picking imo. But for rock and metal I use thumb and index finger to angle it slightly (around 25 degrees probably) to get that nice brushy sound that gives the attack such of a nice pronounciation so to speak. As long as you can stay relaxed, find out what sounds the best in your opinion and stick to it. If it sounds good, it is good.
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the holding of the pic makes no difrence, some people even use 2 pics at a time (Steven king i think did that , a bluesy dude from the past)

I wouldn't say it makes NO difference, but there are certainly a lot of ways to do it effectively, and with some pretty varying outcomes, stylistically speaking.

Certain methods of holding the pick might offer more stability in playing heavy riffs. Others might provide for more speed and articulation in single note lines. Others are good for strumming chords and playing folky stuff.

It's really up to you. Find a player you like and emulate that person's picking hand for a while and see if you like it. Pay special attention to which fingers that person uses to hold the pick, where they anchor their hand (unless they don't anchor, but most anchor SOMEWHERE). Akso, watch the angle at which the pick strikes the string. This can make a HUGE difference in your playing. If it works, DO IT!!! If not, don't be afraid to try something different.

Personally, I hold the pick with my first finger and thumb with the two pointing in opposite directions, and I leave a very small portion of the pick showing. This way, I can make a lot of contact with the pick and don't have to squeeze very hard to keep it steady. I also use a really small pick, but that's a whole 'nother thread.

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yes its pick sorry. I know what is the pickup.

Well i do play with the thumb/index. But both 3 methods don't bother me, has i do the same thing. And yes i play rock/metal and have no problems with that.
What "bothers" me is sometimes when im not holding it thumb+index and i didn't notice