I've seen those dodgy chinese fake guitar websites. I didn't see any Gretsch on there, and this is a Gretsch on ebay. I'm not sure about the knobs, their positioning, or the fact that its in Sunburst. Thoughts?

I say nay

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That's real, it's one of their cheaper jet series guitars. Looks legit to me. Yeah, he added in that it's an electromatic. The thing is, that's actually a ripoff. Those things cost like $250-300 new I think, and that one is kinda scratched up and already at $200.
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So it is not ethical, but it isn't a straightahead forgery... Cool.
it's a real gretsch. it just says electromatic on the cover because that's their lower end guitar, kind of like how epiphone still has "gibson" on the truss ord cover.
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I've actually never seen a lower end Gretsch that didn't have the Gretsch Logo on the top of the headstock.

I have that guitar, and it says Gretsch on the headstock.

It's not worth the $200 at all. Trust me.
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