D min
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He alternates between D minor blues and the D major pentatonic
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Quote by Lil Macker
D minor, in the blues scale.

If ya get me.

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yh ok ill use D Min Blues Scale then thanks
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Blues is such a difficult subject to teach.

The song is in the key of D major. However, since it is a blues, the D minor pentatonic scale is used extensively.

Why this works gets into the incredibly complex altered dominant theory, which you won't understand at this point, so for now, just accept that the D minor pentatonic is the scale-of-choice for a Blues in D or a bluesy rock song in D.

So for blues/rock, you'll typically play in X major but solo with the X minor pentatonic and blues scales.

Is this making sense?
yh i know that already i was just asking what key it is in
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