Im in year 10 of school and i need help on my guitar.
First i took music for my GCSE and have chosen the guitar.
Since im only a beginner at guitar i thought i would try knocking on heavens door for my performance on the 3rd of october.
I wont be nervous only if i know that i will be good on stage infront of my class.
I will be having a good talented singer (my friend) on stage with me singing to knockin on heavens door with me playing guitar.

I need help, i know the simple cords to play but im not the best at strumming the guitar. Is there any tips or hints i could know to make my performance a A* ?

I no practice makes perfect.
practice along with the song til you have the strum pattern down, then rehearse it with your friend until you have it down. practice makes perfect.

if you're still having trouble practice along to the guns n' roses cover. the drums and guitars are a little more "defined" on that one, so it should be easier to get a handle on the rhythm. with that said, the timing and rhythm on the cover is just about identical to the original.

EDIT: just saw the last sentence of your post. try this:

the song is in 4/4. that means four beats per measure. and the chords (during the chorus) are G - D - C.

that's two beats on the G, two on the D, and four beats on the C. tap your foot and strum each beat (G, G, D, D, C, C, C, C). that's a little boring at first, so as you get better, try strumming in different patterns while holding the beat.
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the guns version is a half step down i think, just so you know [=
Download guitar pro and then get the tab for it on here which should have the strumming pattern. I'm sure there's also plenty of videos on youtube showing you the pattern.
This might help you it shows you the Strumming pattern and all the chords.
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you can do it with different strumming.. i recommend you to see the youtube video above my post where you can see 2 different stumming patterns, then choose the one you feel more confortable playing..

Good luck for your performance and i'm sorry for any english mistake i may have commited