I've reached the stage in my playing where I can't find song I want to learn, thy are all either to easy, mind bogglingly complicated or really really long. I'm about low intermediate so can anyone reccoment songs in that skill level?

(I know theres that kind off stuff in the FAQ but its really vague...and wrong.)

I like hard rock metal and punk mainly but I do dabble in Ska.
If you're dabbling in ska, try "Walking Away" by Streetlight Manifesto. I'd say other than that, the "What Song to Learn" thread would be a good place to go.
That is the phase commonly known as "Start writing your own shit-itis."
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That is the phase commonly known as "Start writing your own shit-itis."

this. but watch yo language boy.

there is no song that will define your playing like your own.
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Also there's always the "I need a song to learn" thread.

It's uh...

It's pretty self-explanitory.
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