It seems for every decent Mahogany ibanez, they make two more models with shitty basswood. That said, what is everyone's opinion on the RGR420EX. Basswood, but reviews seem to be good for it. How do they hold up against their mahogany brothers like the RGT42D. Their finish, and tone? Help would be appreciated. I'd like a mid/high end ibanez 6 string, but I'm usually concerned about basswood, as I have had bad experiences in the past
IMO, the RGT42DX-will have more sustain, being a neck thru AND mahogany. Neck thru RGs>>>>>>>>>>>>>bolt on ones ANYDAY. If I were you I would definately save up and go for the RGT42
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I've had two two RGs, both basswood, and I've never had any problems. The tone's not as 'deep', but I play mainly metal, and a slight EQ nudge makes up for it. The sound isn't as thick, and the sustain is a bit less than, say, my S2120, but it's still good. It's very light and doesn't kill your back on stage, and it doesn't sound bad, just not like, as you stated, mahogany. The downside is that they ding easily - it's a softer wood. Outside of that, I've yet to have a problem with my RG. In my honest opinion? Go get an S series. They've got better woods and they're just better guitars.

Again, that's my opinion.
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