Just generally, is there really much need for 24 frets? My current guitar does have them, but the one I'm eying as #2 only has 22 (Ibanez S320). I was wondering, does one come across something on the 23rd-24th frets often enough to make it a deciding factor at all?
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sometimes i wish i had 24...i have an ibanez s520ex and it has 22. its not too much of an issue but can be annoying
not very often, but if you can get two extra frets, why wouldn't you?
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Meh. It's kinda cool to have two full octaves but does it make a huge difference? No.
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Unless you're copying someone else's licks and they've got 24, then no - there's not a big enough difference to warrant buying it in my opinion. Besides - if you get good enough at starting bends, you don't need the other two frets - slip up there and put a bend on it before you hit the note = problem solved. It's what I do.
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Its nice to have the extra 2. And if you have 24, its a lot easier to access the frets like the 22nd and 21st that might be a little harder to access on a guitar with only 22.
get something with 26 so if you ever feel compelled to play something using the 24 and 23, itll be that much easier
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i only have 22 and in my opinion it sounds better than 24 fret necks because the neck pickup is farther away from the bridge but having 24 is nice
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It could be useful if you do a lot of high solos. I've only ever played guitars that have 22 frets, and all too often I find myself wanting to go just a little bit higher. And yet I can't, because that string will only bend so far.
i used to have a 24 fret guitar but found for the time when i used 24 frets like... 1% of the time the rest of the time it just made the frets more cramped maybe just cause i got big fingers. But prefer 22 now.
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My favorite guitars tend to have 22 so, by extension, I prefer 22. In other words, 24 isn't a selling point for me.
Vakunus ,I think your referring to scale length. The number of frets dont simply get "crammed" on a neck. 24 frets are sometimes used allot by some players for instance alexi laiho.when i attempt to play their music with a 22 fretted guitar i just move some of the licks down a note in the scale so it can still be kind of played. Having both a guitar with 24 and 22 frets is where its at.the neck sound of 22 fretted guitars have such a nice creamy lead sound.