hey people,

I have some questions about my tremolo stick and the bridge.
first of all I have an Ibanez GSA60... nothing has been modified, so I didn't replace the bridge or something.

1) I've seen in some clips on youtube that some people can pull up their trem stick to get a kind of higher sound...
I can't do that with mine, because the trem bridge/bar is just lying on the body
I tried to make a picture of that in case you don't understand what I'm saying, I apoligize for bad quality but maybe you can see the problem there anyway.

It' no problem pushing the stick down to get the bridge up.
But as you can hopefully see there's no way pulling the stick up to get the bridge down.

Is that normal or should there be some free space to get the bridge down by pulling the trem?

2) Another question... if you get your your trem-stick up to your hand and then let your hand off of it, is it dropping down or sticks it in the position you put it to?

Mine is always dropping down... it doesn't stick in the position I get it to like there'd be no resistance or something, it's not fix.

3) Last point for now... when I hold my guitar upside down with the fretboard to the ground, my tremolo stick is falling down... it's not fixed. Very annoying... well I don't hold it upside down all the time... just for example.
How can I fix it?
Or should it be this way?
1. You can't pull up on the wang bar becuase it's not a Floyd Rose or licensed copy - The bridge's ass hits the body of the guitar, stopping it. Look at Steve Vai's guitar and his bridge - you'll see the difference.

2. You can tighten (most of th etime) the wang bar so it sits in position when you let go, or loosen so it falls freely. You may not be able to on a GRX because they're cheap base line guitars.

3. It falls out? That means you don't have it inserted properly.
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You'll need to set it up to float. you'll need to loosen the spring claw in the back. I can't help you any further
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Your tremolo bridge isnt floating. Pretty normal. I prefer them because it is easier to change strings and keep in tune... etc. I f you need to make the note higher an easy solution is bend it. Gets a pretty similar sound i gues. Not sure about your bar
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its not a floating bridge, and therefor you can not pull the trem bar back to make the pitch higher, because there is no room to move it.
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Thanks for all your quick answering!!

Quote by strat0blaster

3. It falls out? That means you don't have it inserted properly.

Well I thought it would be inserted correctly.
May sound very stupid... but how do I insert ist properly?
Do I have to rotate so it gets kinda deeper or simply stick it into the bar?