Hi everyone. I have an Ibanez RG270DX that I bought used a few months ago.
The bridge on it is horrible. I believe it's an ILT? I'm not entirely sure. It's a single-locking LFR and is absolutly horrid.

Anyways, I recently came into some money and decided to replace the bridge
with a Schaller OFR. I'm going to order from Warmoth, here:


The question I have is about the Nut Spacing option at the bottom. You see, the nut currently on the Ibanez has worn out, so I'm going to replace it as well.
What nut width do I need to go with? It gives several options and I can't make heads or tails out of any of them. Do I need to with 1-5/8": 1-11/16 Narrow; 1-11/16 Wide; or 1-3/4"? I'm just really confused. Will it make a difference?

Oh, and my neck has binding if that makes a difference.
I've great things, but should I go for an OFR for another $10/20 USD?
Any help is appreciated.
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"I'm just really confused. Will it make a difference?
I've great things, but should I go for an OFR for another $10/20 USD?"

It certainly will make a difference and I must say that it is imperative that you get the correct size. I believe you would need the 1-5/8 which is the most common, but you should make sure of that.

Just measure your old nut and check that way... as for your other question...

Stay with the Schaller, best Floyd there is in my opinion. When set up correctly, tuning stability is unsurpassed I think.
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