I'm like 3 notes away from blowing out my amp and i can tell it because its not the greatest amp in the world but i have about $450 to spend on a new one, but i have no idea what to get. I play 100% rock and roll. And I also want to get a tube amp. I've been told that the fender hot rod series blues junior was a great amp, but im not sure. What do you guys think?
Epic fail
Look at these amps instead:

1. Peavey Valveking 112
2. Peavey Classic 30 (used)
3. Traynor YCV50 BLUE (used)
4. Bugera 333XL (used)
5. Crate V33-212

Any of those amps should be perfect. I don't think you should get the Hot Rod Blues Junior because of the distortion, though it does have great cleans.
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Lol valveking over hot rod? Why in hell? He's looking for blues amp, valveking wouldn't never suit him. Try those fender's out and check used amps from eBay or something.

yeh, classic rock n roll means blues. Overdrive and distortion pedals ftw.
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An Epi Valve Standard is a better value than a Blues Junior IMO.

Also: Crate V33212

Also: Peavey Windsor Studio