When palm muting, is it nessescary to always be muting out every string with your right hand ALL the time? I realize when playing some things it does seem nessescary because the B and high E will resonate if you don't....

However I have small hands and have to force my pinky down to cover the B and High E strings and this is kind of awkward if I'm playing something that switches from palm mute to open really quickly (I'm having master of puppets in mind as I write this). And with MoP my left index finger is always muting out the B and High E strings anyways but I don't want to get into a bad habit if its mandatory that I cover all the strings with my right hand all the time.

Sorry if thats hard to understand, thanks for any input.
you don't need to mute the e and b string what so ever for Master of Puppets, practice palm muting and it'll get tons easier, trust me
Thanks, I'm not bad at palm muting or anything, I just kind of wondered about that because sometimes you do need to make sure you're covering all strings with your right hand or else those strings make a ton of noise if you're left index finger isnt in a position to mute them out.

That isn't the case with MoP but I didn't want to develop a habit of only covering all strings some of the time when its better to just do it all the time, even if it isn't "required" for the piece.