Pedals are in great condition "never made their way out of my pedal board", killer tones out of both. No trades at this moment, need to sell.

**Jeckyll & Hyde Distortion Pedal ($85)

**Dunlop Q Zone Pedal ($85)

Buyer pays shipping. Will also ship to the UK as long as you pay the shipping costs.

How much for the J&H shipped to uk?
My Gear:
Ibanez RG550M Dimarzio TZ + Paf Pro
Ibanez RG550R Dimarzio TZ in Bridge
Ibanez TS9>Vox AD50VT.

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How much for the J&H shipped to uk?

pm me your zipcode so that I can give you a quote.
Hey, is the Q Zone still available? Because I need one on my board ASAP and haven't been able to find one!