Can anyone suggest some songs that are good to play the whole way through, maybe having to include bass parts to keep it going etc. ????? The sorta thing i can play like this is Moving to New York by the Wombats, Live Forever by Oasis, and a couple of Muse songs such as Hysteria and Supermassive black hole. Basically need some good tunes to learn and not jst riffs.....
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Freedom by Rage is an easy song.
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if you wanna pick up chicks this is what you should learn^^^

, but i'd go with learning some blink 182 honestly, there songs that everyone knows
secret crowds or everything's magic by angels and airwaves, warmness on the sould by avenged sevenfold, sweet dreams by marilyn manson, a certain romance by arctic monkeys, amber by 311. go for those.
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Freedom by Rage is an easy song.

I forgot how good but simpletht song is, damn good suggestion