dunno if there is a thread about this or not.

As i'm sure you all know well, the large hadron collider was undergoing it's first test on September 10th, 2008. Contrary to popular belief, we did NOT get sucked into a black hole.

I read in the wikipedia article that the collider was only run at about 1/4 it's power two days ago. Sometime in October, the collider will run again, at full power. Even some scientists say there is some risk in this, and people that thought a black hole would open up two days ago are now almost certain one will open when the large hadron collider will run on full power.

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and there is a sticky at the top of this page about this mate

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Have you not seen the sticky

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There is a thread, it is a sticky.

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The odds of a black hole forming are something like 1 in 50 million, and if one did happen to form, it would be no threat and collapse in on itself in a few seconds. Or at least, that's what I read.
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the sticky is closed now isnt it?
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