Poll: Will Ike Affect you?
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Yea, he's goin' catholic priest on my ass
1 50%
No, his sticky fingers won't touche me!
1 50%
No... but I want his sticky finger to touch me :*
0 0%
Voters: 2.
How many people here are going to be affected by Ike?
I live just NW of Houston, and we are expected to lose power for at least 2 days..
(goodbye in advance Pit)
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I'm in Ontario and we got a ton of rain today
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Not me. Our storms are like kittens in a sharkpool compared to hurricanes.
I'm dancing in the moonlight
It's caught me in its spotlight
Dancing in the moonlight
On this long hot summer night

Martin D-28
I live in Calgary, Alberta.

We > all natural disasters, with the occasion of an f1 or f2 tornado 10 minutes away from the suburbs, and a flash flood every few years.