This is my first guitar. I bought it at a pawn shop for 90 dollars, it was between this and the squire affinity, and the pig nose seemed to be much better made. Everything about it felt nicer
So I took a look in my the pick guard while I was restringing it today. This is the guitar:

And this is what I found.

So, my question is, if I wanted to add a humbucker to the bridge, all I would need is a new faceplate and soldering abilities? The cavity is already large enough to accommodate it right?

And my second concern was this crack in the wood. It seems to go in quite deep possibly to the neck pocket, but I didn't check. Is this a problem? Should I glue it together or something? or do I not mess with it? You can see the cracks in the above picture as well, below the sides of the neck

if it fits, you can put a humbucker on anything..........if it fits
you could go so far as to cut the pickgaurd

as for the wood, you could unscrew the neck and see if it goes all the way through
and glue wouldnt hurt it as long as you dont get it on everything
You can do pretty much any pickup combo you want in that guitar. It could hold 3 humbuckers if you wanted. All you would need is a pickguard to hold whatever combo you decide on. The crack might not hurt anything, but glueing it would be good too.
Just curious, what's it made of?
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Thanks for the input guys, think wood filler or something else might work better? I'm leaving the crack alone for now, it doesn't really bother me that much, never noticed it before I opened her up.

I'm not sure what kind of wood it has, the body is painted everywhere I checked (havn't seen the neck pocket yet) but It has some good weight, think it's alder. Neck is maple and rosewood. Pretty sure it's not ply though.