Sorry if it's against the rules, but i think it's pretty hilarious..

I was looking for a new Tele because my Ibanez can't get the twangy tone.. so anyways this guy is selling one and I offer him my Spider III 75w(I have a few of them), and it's pretty much NEW, and he turns me down and tells me it sucks..

Unfreaking believable man.. the tone is absolutely stunning and he must be tonedeaf to not trade a mexican tele for one..
heh. sorry but i understand why he turned you down. i dont like that amp at all!

edit: since you said you have a few, sell them all and buy something better.
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Yeah, it's pretty hilarious...

...that you actually thought that was a good trade. I hated mine after a MONTH. (Don't knock it, it was my first amp and I didn't know better back then.)
I'm quite sure he is either joking or being sarcastic. If so, he's got you all fooled. Wouldn't you feel stupid?

This Guy is Stupid.
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that was an epic win
best thing ive read all day

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The guy who turned you down

There was is a WHOLE thread on this right there at the link i gave you. I suggest you read it

i dont get it, did he read the other thread and make this one to be a troll?


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i dont get it, did he read the other thread and make this one to be a troll?


That's my thought.

He did something similar before where he put up a recording of an MG and said it was a Classic 30 to fool us.

This Guy is Stupid.