Got an Ibanez S520EX for sale, I've only had it since Sept. 11, 2008. Its got a black finish and is in great shape, since I only played it for like 20 minutes. Included with the guitar is a padded gig bag, whammy bar, cable, allen wrench, and some picks. Price is $580 USD but I can probably lower it a little. I can ship free, but only in the US. Email me at wingzero251@aol.com or just post here if you have any questions.
Yeah, it's like a new car. Once you drive it off the lot, depreciation hits it 100%. Why not just take it back? You'll not get your money back selling it here.
I would, but the crappy store will only give me store credit...live and learn. Anyway, I could lower the price a little, like in the 500-550 range.
Here's the problem. I got a guitar as a gift, after I bought this one. There was some miscommunication. Anyway, I don't need $640 worth of picks and strings. In addition, the store is in New Jersey, and I live in NYC... so its quite a predicament. I don't need or want two guitars.