I want to learn either master of puppets or sanitarium, the MoP second solo may be a little harder but I think the riffs in sanitarium are harder(and it has 3 solos lol.....)
I've been playing for 7-8 months so prolly both of them are suicide atm but fvck it
The master of puppets solo actually isn't too hard, if you get the basic pattern down, and practice it heaps, i reckon you could do it
Master of Puppets is way harder.
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Thats Fvcking AwESOME. Learn them both and It will be Dubble Zooiside!!!!!!!

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add that:
Sanitarium. Or Fade to black. Helps with other stuff too.
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Learn master of puppets it will really make you a better guitarist.
yeah just make sure your using lots of downstrokes in master of puppets it makes it sound heaps better
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