ok.. so i've searched thru the stickies and thru the loads of parts links. But i haven't really come up with any results for 7 strings nuts.

anyway, i'm thinking of replacing the nut that came stock with my Agile Septor
its a soft sticky plastic that kills the tuning and the action is a bit high..

i realize i could probably file the bottom down and re-shape the string grooves.. but i'd rather just upgrade the piece and be done with it.

does anyone know offhand a site that'll ship 7 string nuts to canada, or perhaps alternative solutions to my dilemma?

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i was about to buy that nut. 4$? sounds good

then it was 40$ for shipping.

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Not many people sell preslotted 7 string nuts, and it'll cost 40ish dollars to get someone to slot it for you. Unless you were planning on doing it yourself.
yea, i probably could do it myself. but then i'd need to buy the needle files. which aren't that cheap. lol

i suppose i'll shop around locally and see what i can get.

thanks guys!
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Hehe yeah, it looks solid, I can't wait to string it up and see how it sounds. I'm expecting the nut to be pretty good since it's from Carvin.

EDIT: Yeah I also got it because it was like 4 bucks, and it was 11 shipping and handling to here, which was a lot, but I bought like some copper sheilding tape and whatnot to justify the shipping...

If it's good, that's like $40 saved from getting somebody to cut the nut for me.
If it's not good, it's only 4 bucks wasted...but then I still have to spend money on getting the nut slotted. I'm hoping it's good >.<

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it was gonna be closer to $50 after it was all said and done. which IMO is far too much on a nut.

luckily for you the shipping was only 11$ it was going to cost $40 for just the ground shipping to victoria.

I'll be at my local long and mcquade tomorrow to see what i can do. i've done nut filing before but i was just using the shop tools then.. meh.. maybe i'll get a set so i can do redo the nut on my ibanez as well. heh
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The cost of tools is always justifiable, because you get to use them over and over again! (That logic always seems to work on my parents, anyway )
But think your going to have to match the dimensions and string spacing of the agile nut, so your better off just getting a graphite nut blank and shaping it yourself (or have someone do it for a lot of money )

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