Hi I'm wondering what amps (ex. Marshall, Vox, Fender) work well with certain types of guitars (ex. Les Paul, Stratocaster, Telecaster, Ibanez guitars).
It's because I have a LP knockoff and want to buy a new amp with tubes with a budget of 500$. I saw the Fender Super Champ and Peavey 112 on musciansfriend.com
Well, you can pretty much play any guitar through any amp... what works 'well', though? That's hard to say. John 5 plays shred on a Telecaster, but some country artists use Ibanez semi-hollows. Hell, Iron Maiden used (modified, granted) Strats to play heavy metal.

It depends on the guitar and the player, although obviously amps are voiced for a particular sound. One needs to be more specific than brand, although in general Marshalls are known for dark-sounding cleans and powerful overdrive whereas Fenders are known for bright, sparkly cleans and blues crunch.

Which Peavey 112, also? You could be referring to the Valveking Royal 8, Peavey Classic 30, Peavey Valveking 112... although I assume you're referring to the Valveking.

What genres do you play?
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gonna have to be more specific, because obviously there are hundreds of great combinations of guitar and amp, but an EMG equipped B.C. Rich through a krank isnt gonna be great for cleans, like a strat through an epi valve jr. isnt gonna do heavy distortion well
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