Ok, so I've been looking at videos and such, and I REALLY think that I like the sound that Blackhearts give, especially the BH15-112 tube combo.

I've already been told that I couldn't really get the Iron Maiden metal-ish tone that I'm seeking, but after watching countless hours of video reviews, demos, etc, I've fallen in love with their sound.

My question is - what would be necessary to give something like the aforementioned tube combo enough drive and gain to get CLOSE (doesn't have to be spot on) to an Iron Maiden tone? Would it be a pedal, tube replacement, reworking the electronics?


FYI - I do have a Flood POD Plus (pretty good unit, actually. it suprised me.) and my two guitars are a Squier Strat which I'm going to put SD Hot Rails in each position, and a Kramer Striker, which I'm going to put Duncan Distortion, Hot Rails, and a JB in whenever I get money from tutoring.
well obviously you would need some sort of OD or distortion pedal. Of course your not going to be able to sound just like them. I'm sure they have thousand of dollars worth of rack equipment and such. But the goal is to get close...

I would say an OD pedal... but i'm not sure if you could push the bh into metal with an OD pedal. A distortion pedal would of course seem like the next best thing. And you could definately reach metal levels... but when it comes to matching sounds of bands like that OD usually sounds better then a distortion pedal since the way they clip the signals differently.

I would say try a blackheart and get a few OD pedals on it... but i've never actually even seen one. I've never seen my local guitar centers carry them. But mybe one of yours does?

If an OD pedal couldn't get you into the levels that you want, a good dist pedal, maybe a metal muff, which IMO is pretty versatile, could be tweaked to maybe get you close.
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Yeah, I was fairly sure that I'd have to get a pedal, I just don't know which one I'd get...
You could try a bad monkey.... it wont send it into modern metal territory but might do maiden. perhaps you you could try some out at the store? I tested out my monkey before buying it. Another thing if you want that 80's metal sound you're probably going to want an effects loop for delay and something with a reverb tank. I don't know enough about the blackhearts to know whethere they have those but I do know they have some good tones as their design is a copy of a classic amp.
i think if YOU fell in love with the sound of the Blackheart - then I think you should get one and then get as close to your tone goal as possible. I like the OD pedal option first too. $50 for a bad monkey would not be wasted at all.

i've never played one (BH) unfortunately but I also wonder what a Jyckyl and Hyde pedal or EQ pedal would do to help? Or maybe even a tube swap later. My only concern would be the inherent gain of amp. Good luck man and let us know. What else do you strive for metal wise besides Maiden, because B52 may suite well too.

or used gear
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Im gonna buy a Bad Monkey for my Blackheart. (;

Im gonna give some feedback about the sound when I tested it.

- Zyl
Quote by Zyl
Im gonna buy a Bad Monkey for my Blackheart. (;

Im gonna give some feedback about the sound when I tested it.

- Zyl

That would be greatly appreciated!

And to whoever asked about what else I play - I play a lot of 80's in general (the only metal really being Maiden, with the OCCASIONAL Metallica in there), so it's kind of hard to pick one certain tone that I like, but I do LOOOOVE Maiden's, and EVH's.

And I would go used, but I don't exactly know what I'd get if I went used.
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