Hello UG.

For christmas I may be getting an amp and a head. Now, I have a couple choices but I have always loved ampeg. I found this particular combo on musicians friend for about 900 bucks on sale.

I was looking at a Ampeg B1RE Bass Head and a B410HE 4x10 cab. This combo boasts a 300 watt, 3 band EQ and four ohms. Plus poweramp and pre amp settings. I don't know much about amps and heads, but this sounds very good.

I do have other choices, probably ranging up to about $1,000.

here is the musicians friend link


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What will you be using the amp for? If you're not in a band and no future plans for doing shows or anything, (no point is having a bulky 4x10 unless you'll be putting it to use) I'd maybe look into the high end Ampeg tube combos like this:

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I'm in a band. I am also in my schools jazz band and concert band. I'd like to have my own *not* practice amp, and I found that this would be great.

It isn't exactly my *budget* but it is for christmas and I know my mother is looking into getting me something to do with bass, and will spend up to $1000.

Keep in mind I am in Canada, also.
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I don't want to say terrible, but that is for sure not the best way to go, even if you do go Ampeg. If you go Ampeg, get a used American one of some kind, whether it be a B2R or an SVT of some sort.

Of course I'll mention Carvin, they sell factory direct, which is a large part of their relatively low prices. Combine this with an Avatar Cab, and you could have a 1200 watt head moving 400 watts into a 4x10 or 2x12, and space for a subwoofer.

There are tons of other companies to look at, browse the brands list on Musiciansfriend and go to a store where you can try said brands. Hell, if you don't need much wattage, you could get an Eden or EBS combo of some sort.
Well i would look into geting a b2r or b2re second if you can. The 9 band eq will be better you get slightly more wattage and better tone options. And there's also the svt 450 h which for a ltlle more gives you a soft tube sound and its plenty of tone options. But either way get what you like.
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