so i play rhythm guitar in this band that isn't really even a band because the bass can't play a single song, yet when i ask him to practice the drummer and lead guitar bitch at me. They both work, therefore they have that excuse to make me write all the songs etc. The drummer is in general an unco operative bitch, tries to force me to learn Butterfly Effect songs when i don't even like them, then calls me a dictator.

what do i do?

out of haste i haven't included all the details; feel free to ask questions...
Um I think the problem is you're in a band with people you dislike.
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you should call one of the songs, "Respecting Old People" just to mix things up.

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Sounds like you really don't like it. So quit.
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thats not a band thats a bitch fest. leave. it sounds like you guys dont even like eachother. that doesnt work if you cant co-operate. those kind of situations dont help your musicianship or your mood. leave the "band".
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Screw those guys. You're in a band full of losers, man!!
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quit. show them how screwed they are without you.
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quit man a band is about trusting each other and being friends...if you guys cant offer suggestions toward one another without being bitched at how are you supposed to play music together...music involves harmony...if you guys dont get along the music wont flow and it will sound horrible
in that case...does anyone know musicians from the Cranbourne/Casey/Frankston area in Victoria, Australia?
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It's not so bad if it's only one band member you have a problem with, quite often you can change that persons opinion or come to some compromise between you, but when it's most of the band then the whole situation is pretty much screwed.
Go and find some guys that are more on your own wavelength.