Does anybody know the name of the song that plays at the end of the movie after they lose the championship? It's just a guitar solo and some rolls on the snare but its sick

Does anybody know?
its by explosions in the sky. I believe it Your Hand in Mine (Goodbye). Check out all of their stuff it's epic.
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its not your hand in mine although that song is sick

I'm looking for the one that plays right after they lose and everyones crying and shit. It's got such a nice guitar solo
1. From West Texas - Explosions In The Sky
2. Your Hand in Mine - Explosions In The Sky (with strings)
3. Our Last Days as Children - Explosions In The Sky
4. Ugly Fact of Life, An - Explosions In The Sky
5. Home - Explosions In The Sky
6. Sonho Dourado - Daniel Lanois
7. To West Texas - Explosions In The Sky
8. Your Hand in Mine (Goodbye) - Explosions In The Sky
9. Inside It All Feels the Same - Explosions In The Sky
10. Do You Ever Feel Cursed - David Torn
11. Lonely Train - Explosions In The Sky
12. Segull - Bad Company
13. Sky Above, The Field Below, The - Explosions In The Sky/Brian Reitzell/Justin Stanley
14. Slow Dance, A - Explosions In The Sky

I've not seen the movie, so I don't know.
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