hey i was finishing my application to the university of miami (fl) and for the essay it said write an essay 300-400 words in the space below, well mine turned out to be about 475 when i finished and i was wondering if anyone knew if it was that big of a deal if i had extra words. any help would be much appreciated, thanks.
I think most say a few extra isn't a problem, such as 410-420, but you might want to cut some out.
i doubt it. when i did mine, i'm sure i went over some as well. besides, i'm sure they won't deny you entry for having the ability to do more than is required

also, i doubt they pay much attention to them anyway, if at all
dont do it trust me.Some places will look at it as you not following directions and those r the first to be thrown out
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The general rule with any word limit essay is +/- 10%.

That, or they will simply say that you failed to meet one of the basic requirements by going over the word limit an will give you an F.
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